1. Never Again

From the recording Minutes Into Years

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Verse 1
I listened to your words
Took your advice like it was set in stone
Believed in everything you said
For once in my life I wasn’t feeling alone
Thought you wanted what’s best for me
Turned out you were not a friend but the enemy
A sudden stab in the back
While I was closing my eyes you were planning to attack

Never again, will I open up my heart to anyone
Till I know them like the back of my hand
Never again, never again
Never again, will I take a fall so hard
Both my bones and faith are crushed
Never again, never again

Verse 2
I took you on a tour
Gave you first class tickets to a journey in my soul
Showed you every beautiful memory
Every broken dream and everything that makes me
You knew me inside out (huh!)
Now it seems we are over and out
Got nothing left to say
Guess it’s best we go our separate ways

Chorus x 1


You and me
Could have rocked the world
Seen and done it all
But tragically
You chose to walk alone
And now, and now I know

Chorus x 2

I listened to your words, took your advice like it was set in stone…