1. Dead End Waltz

From the recording Minutes Into Years

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She used to see different shades of green
Now they're all just ordinary trees
In her veins runs a lethal numbing routine
She used to feel his touch on her skin
Before the younger woman stepped in
And everything inside her, all her patience wore thin
She put up a fight, a valiant fight
Did her best to keep the family tight
But his promises were lame and downright phony
She had to get a 9 to 5 job
Cleaning up and mopping and sweeping the floors
And she never saw the money, never got the alimony

Now she has endless have-not days
And she looks so much older than her age
But in her day she used to make heads turn
Three kids later her beauty has faded
And all her roads lead to a dead end
She used to be a rebel but now she can't even make ends meet
Three kids by the age of twenty three
Ain't what you'd call social responsibility
Bills are piling up and the kitchen paint is peeling off...

But it's the children who push her onwards
Like some zombie in a graveyard
"Keep your head down girl, hang on to the food chain"

She lies all alone in bed awake
Sorry thoughts chase dreaming away
She stares at the darkness but the darkness is here to stay

Truth is somehow her life's been derailed
Like a wayward runaway train
Disappearing on an endless ride into infinity
Some people it seems are dealt a hand
The sometimes don't understand
And just keep hanging on running on dignity
So tomorrow the sun will also shine
She'll sweep more floors from 9 to 5
Then go home tired, destitute and broken
There's a sadness in the way
That human beings behave
When all dreams and all hope is stolen...