From the recording Minutes Into Years

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Verse 1
First it was Myspace and then Facebook
Some people heard what you were singing about
Wanted to take a closer look
Off they took you to a studio
And well, that was the last time I saw you
Now you're flying from Spain
All the way to Japan

Baby now you're making money
How does it feel? Is this for real?
Heard that you wrote a song about me
Baby now you're making money
How does it feel? Was it worth it?
'Cause I've been watching you on TV
And I don't really like what I see

Verse 2
Your success was quite unexpected
And I can see, I can clearly see
You've been affected
Now they've got you selling this and that
Now you've got a barcode
Running down your back
All you need is a tag


Remember the days when you were always broke
You were playing gigs, telling stories, your hair was long
You wanted to make music to help people
To make a difference, to change the world
But the only thing changing now
The only one changing now is you!


Verse 3
Maybe I'm a rebel or maybe just foolish
Struggling swimming upstream when I could've been
The big fish that they caught
Guess I'll have to do it my way
Mamma taught me certain things
I gotta hold onto tight
And I sleep better at night...