1. Signals

From the recording Outsider in Perpetual Motion

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Well they built a fire and sent signals of smoke
The Pawnee, the Cheyenne, the Arapaho
They'd communicate through valleys from a great distance
Spoke to each other without any hindrance

And in Africa they made and beat the drums
Burkina Faso, in Benin, In Senegal
Unbroken sounds through the densest forests
Their words were clear, their words were flawless

Why is it every time we talk now I just don't understand
Whether I'm treading on water or walking on dry land
Cause anybody can put on an act
And I can never be sure unless I look into your eyes

There was a time when people spoke in semaphore
From station to station by telescope
Or in early Morse code with signal lamps
Picking blinking lights through binoculars

Then the telegraph came sending electric signs
Through rain and hail on poles carrying wires
And they’d send all their latest news in code
Much quicker than a letter sent by railroad

Now satellites are tracking everything we say
In Russia, In China, In the US of A
They must be thinking we are using some sort of code
Cause we never seem to listen, only talk talk talk