1. Twenty63

From the recording Outsider in Perpetual Motion

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Twenty 63

Verse 1
Woke up one morning, it was Twenty 63
Fixed myself a virtual coffee, beamed myself down to the street
My video boss called me, told me I was fired
Better lose your job to a robot, than to a neophyte dilettante

​Let me out, let me out
I need some air
Let me out, let me out
I can't breathe in here
Let me out, let me out
I'm feeling dead
Let me out, let me out
Wanna feel alive again

Verse 2
Hailed a driverless taxi typed in my destination
I kinda found myself missing the driver's flawed articulation
Got off on the tenth floor, to a skin shedding parlour
Hello milky white skin, now tattoos are out of fashion


Verse 3
Took a stroll to clear my mind, past the taxpaying drug peddlers
Saw a green glow around the moon, I thought "must be the settlers"
Then off to the supermarket, got powdered salad dinner
Scanned the chip in my hand to the music of Sir Edward Sheeran


Verse 3
Skywalked back home to my designer children
Edited genetically to match the sofa and the linen
And I woke up next day...it was just a dream
A world still creative, brave and obsessed with vanity