1. Wishing

From the recording Outsider in Perpetual Motion

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Verse 1
Wish I was a raindrop, falling down to earth
Running down a ditch, with the dead leaves and the dirt
Tumblin’ with cigarette butts, turning into a brook
Rolling on, hoping it brings me back to you

Verse 2
​Wish I was a dead leaf, cascading to the ground
Resting on the dirt, without a thud or a sound
Picked up by a gentle breeze, floating like a fool
Cause I’d rather be nowhere, if I’m not with you

Mesmerising sunsets bring no joy to me
Everywhere I turn it’s your face that I see
Holding on to memories to see me through the day
Aimlessly drifting away

Instrumental part

Verse 4
Wish I was a teardrop, a bitter tear so sleek
Born out of your eyes and slither down your cheek
Resting on your lips, to feel them one last time
Tremble when you breathe, hanging on to dear life