From the recording Outsider in Perpetual Motion

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Fools & a Molina Moon

A pale Molina moon haunts the midnight sky
Wrapped in a cocoon, the shadows tremble in its light
Words like heat seeking missiles sent shivers down my spine
Could be I’ve been worshipping in the wrong shrine

One day is a warm embrace the next a cold shoulder
Reality is strange in the eyes of the beholder
Colours look inviting in the palette of the painter
Choices turn today’s lovers to tomorrows strangers

Can't fight the battles in your heart or the ghosts in your head
Love is a lie if it's just a kiss or a warm bed
Like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating in the ocean
We keep coming back for a replay in slow motion

It takes just one white crow to prove not all crows are black
It takes years to mend a heart a few words have cracked
They say: "A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell
And i'm an incessant the very end